Bankruptcy and Joint Property

If you’re married and you’re considering bankruptcy protection but as a married individual, you may actually have some concerns about joint property and whether or not it can be protected from creditors. The result of your case would vary on different things, such as which chapter you have filed for bankruptcy, if you file on […]

Do not Believe These Lies about Bankruptcy

Because of fasle misonceptions and a lack of understanding about bankruptcy, a lot of consumers try to avoid it. It often depends on the situation of the individual even though filing may have its own pros and cons. It is very important for you to get sufficient information when you’re going to consider bankruptcy to […]

Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Exemptions

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are to liquidate your assets to pay off your debts. But not all assets need to be sold; there are some assets that are exempted, and these vary from state to state. There are also exemptions in the federal system. Some states allow debtors to choose between […]