How to Choose a Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you are faced with the prospect of going bankrupt, you need a committed ally who will help you through the process of getting back on your feet financially. Do not think that it is easy to file bankruptcy papers by yourself. It is not advisable because of the many possible scenarios that may arise during the course of your application. Also a non-lawyer bankruptcy petition preparer may be able to fill up forms and help you prepare documents, but cannot represent you before your creditors. So the logical step to take would be to appoint a lawyer to represent you in the process of filing for bankruptcy. While there are many choices of bankruptcy lawyers you could make, there are just a few factors to consider in making the most suitable choice.

Firstly, make sure that the attorney you engage is someone who specializes in bankruptcy and not other forms of legal practice. A bankruptcy attorney would be more conversant with the Bankruptcy Code and its procedures and so would be able to advise you accurately which will save you time and money. Changes in the Bankruptcy Code and procedures happen and a lawyer who is specialized in bankruptcy would be always in the know of the latest developments and can advise you accordingly.

As important as the specialization of the attorney is his experience in handling bankruptcy cases. Obviously you will want the most experienced attorney you can find. An experienced attorney would know how to present your case before the judge and bankruptcy trustee. Based on my own experience, even though requirements such as the petition, documents and schedule have been properly filed, issues and questions can still arise from any quarter. But an attorney with sufficient experience will be able to address any of these matters to the satisfaction of all parties.

How would you know the attorney’s level of experience in bankruptcy? Just ask about the number of bankruptcy filings that are done each year. You will want to find an attorney who files bankruptcy cases on a regular basis throughout the year.

The location of the attorney’s office is also an important consideration. If you reside in Tampa, please drop by our office at Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Center P.A., 100 S. Edison Avenue, Ste. B., Tampa or give us a call at (813) 200 4133 or toll free (800) 965 5074. Speak to our expert Tampa bankruptcy attorney about your case and ask any question you like for free, without obligation.

Finally, try to obtain objective recommendations from various people. If you know of a lawyer with a different area of specialization (not bankruptcy), ask him or her. Such a person would normally know his or her fellow lawyers in the legal fraternity and can make good recommendations. Other people you may want to consult would be friends and family members or someone who has gone through bankruptcy before.

A truly independent source of recommendations would be the attorney rating company Avvo (that’s short for avvocato, the Italian word for ‘lawyer’) that gives attorneys a rating from 1 to 10. Avvo was set up primarily to help people like you find the best, most competent and suitable attorney for your legal needs. You can look up the Avvo website at While you are there, look me up. I am Darrin T. Mish, an attorney in Tampa, Florida and I am happy to have been awarded the highest rating of 10 by Avvo.

You can soon have a fresh start in life without the stresses of heavy debt if you act now. So get an attorney who is competent, knowledgeable and committed to your cause in filing for bankruptcy, by calling my office at (813) 200 4133 or toll free (800) 965 5074.