Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Center

At the Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Center, P.A., we realize the options that set before you are major decisions in your financial life. We strive to ensure that our firm provides our clients throughout the Tampa Bay, Florida area with the professional and courteous assistance they deserve.

A Tampa Bankruptcy may vary from a bankruptcy filed in another part of the country so it’s important that you hire a firm you can trust.Upon first visit to our office, we will remember that you are representing not only yourself but your family and your future. We will work hard to protect your rights, provide guidance in your decision making process and help you achieve freedom from the financial stresses in your life. We will work diligently throughout the process of the bankruptcy to keep you informed, reduce the stress as much as possible and provide excellent service! You, your family and your future deserve our very best!

Does filing bankruptcy mean that I will lose my Home?

Typically, most consumers find that the only hope that they have to save their homes, vehicles and other possessions is to file for bankruptcy. If you have possessions that have no equity, meaning the courts cannot sell the item to pay creditors, then you are unlikely to lose your assets.

Most homes can be saved due to the fact of homestead exceptions and provisions that are provided by the state laws. While it might be practical for you to choose to not keep your home and you may decide not to, being forced out of your home is unlikely. Don’t continue to struggle from paycheck to paycheck with the fear of never getting anywhere! Call us today to discuss your options for keeping your house as your HOME!

Will Creditors Stop Calling Me?

Once we have filed for your bankruptcy petition in court, the creditors are forced to refrain from making any contact with you. Immediate correspondence will be sent to each creditor that you list demanding that they STOP harassing you.The obligation to STOP the harassing calls is required by law and enforced by the court systems. If for any reason a creditor contacts you, you may provide them with your case number and filing date. They will immediately update their records and cease collection action against you at this time.

Will Filing Bankruptcy Damage My Credit Score Forever

Bankruptcy will not destroy your credit. Yes, bankruptcy does remain on your credit report for 10 years, however immediately after filing for bankruptcy you have provided yourself with a fresh start. The snowball effect of bad credit decisions or inability to meet obligations of creditors due to unforeseen circumstances is more devastating to your credit than a onetime bankruptcy.

In an average person’s circumstances, the credit rating after one year post-bankruptcy is substantial. You have cleared yourself of the high debt-to-income ratio. Another advantage is that since bankruptcy laws prevent you from refilling bankruptcy for a particular amount of years, the creditors are safe to assume that you will pay your obligations.The filing of bankruptcy is an option to help you start over and get back on your feet. It is not an overnight process but within 12-18 months, you will see dramatic improvement in your ability to rebuild your credit

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